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To make dental treatment in Turkey allows you to save 80%. If you wish, visiting the tourist region of  Turkey, you can make your visit more enjoyable.

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Implant Treatment

The implant is a special titanium screw placed in the jawbone in tooth deficiency. As a result of the time measured based on the bone quality, a tooth is placed on it.

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It is one of the departments of dentistry that diagnoses diseases in teeth, tooth roots and surrounding tissues and deals with the cause, prevention and treatment of these diseases.

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Porcelain Laminate

Porcelain laminates are very thin, leaf-shaped porcelains used to give the desired color and form to the teeth, imitating the enamel of the tooth, giving a smooth and natural smile.

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Prosthetic Dentistry

It aims to regain the aesthetics and function that the patient has lost by reconstructing the lost teeth and oral tissues.

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In this treatment, without the use of braces and brackets, only the transparent plaques that allow the teeth to reach the desired position are taken.

Teeth whitening

Lightening the color of the teeth with the help of whitening agents: This targeting process is a safe bleaching method that can be applied to young and adult patients.

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